Electric hair removal

IPL Treatments

Written by Advice Team on February 3, 2016

Wouldn’t being able to remove unwanted hair with no re-growth be a dream? As women who shave various parts of their bodies with the hope of being free of the unwanted stubble, we want realistic solutions that work! Shaving with your standard razor will do the job, but only for a day or two unt Read article...

Pro tips

Top to Toe Beauty Tips

Written by Advice Team on November 4, 2015

We’re all after the holy grail of beauty - how to look your best, all the time and with minimum effort! Unfortunately there is no magic wand but we’re sharing our 15 favourite beauty tips to get you looking fabulous from top to toe in no time at all. Beauty Sleep Balancing work, home, family Read article...

Expert guide

The Beginner's Guide to Epilating

Written by Advice Team on November 4, 2015

Want super-smooth, touchable pins but don’t want the hassle of daily shaving? Look no further - epilating might be the thing you’ve been looking for. If you’re reading this and wondering what an epilator is, it’s essentially an electric hair removal appliance that acts like a giant set of tw Read article...

Hair Removal Methods - The Pros and Cons

Written by Advice Team on November 4, 2015

Hair removal is a non-stop, never-ending battle for us ladies. Unfortunately unless you’re happy to go au-natural it’s just something we have to get on with and most of us do it without even thinking about it. This does however mean that a lot of women are still using the same hair removal meth Read article...