Braun 81406972 Venus Naked Skin® IPL Hair Removal System

a Braun IPL Hair Removal System

Tested by dermatologists, the Braun Venus Skin IPL system is perfectly safe for use in the comfort of your own home. Provides more effective hair reduction than before. Equipped with a unique skin tone sensor to provide the safest treatment, tailored specifically to your skin’s needs for the best results.

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RRP £299.99 £249.99

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Key features

  • iPulse - The iPulse technology helps break the cycle of hair-growth and reduces ingrown hair and black dots
  • An at-home device derived from professional Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology
  • Includes V Activating Gel for an effective light transfer and to help you track where you have already tested
  • Features a built-in safety sensor and Integrated Skin Tone Sensor to ensure a customized level of treatment
  • Bulb provides 50,000 flashes
  • Venus Naked Skin can be used everywhere below the neckline, such as your legs, underarm, bikini line, arms, back and stomach
  • Corded device allowing you to complete a full treatment without the need to charge
  • Suitable for skin tones 1 to 4
  • Light energy is transferred through the V TM Activating Gel to target the melanin in the hair, helping to put the hair to sleep
  • Ongoing treatments help to break the cycle of hair re-growth
  • During the start up phase, use for 6-12 treatments once every two weeks and then once every two months to maintain
  • Temperature range - 15C - 30C


Gillette Venus Naked Skin IPL system designed by Braun is tested by dermatologists, so you can use IPL technology safely in your home. And it comes at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

How does the Naked Skin IPL system work?

Similar to professional lasers found in dermatologists offices, the Naked Skin IPL system uses Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology to help break the cycle of hair re-growth. Clinically and dermatologically tested, the system emits light to the base of the hair root, helping to put the hair in a resting phase. With continued use, the Naked Skin IPL system helps the hair to stay below the skin’s surface, leaving your skin smooth and beautiful, showing up to 80% hair reduction after three months (based on recommended regimen, clinical study among 46 women in Germany 2012).

Why choose the Naked Skin IPL system?

Achieve more effective hair reduction

The Naked Skin IPL system is designed to be used with a specially formulated gel, like that used in professional salons. It:

  • Provides more effective hair reduction, because it allows the intense pulsed light to transfer seamlessly to the skin
  • Helps you see where you have treated so that you never miss a spot
  • Provides a more gentle experience even at higher energy levels and moisturises the skin
  • Is the only at home IPL that automatically adjusts the pulse to the required intensity, length and pulse shape for different skin tones
  • Delivers just the right level of controlled and consistent light energy to effectively treat and help put the hair to sleep

Built-in features for maximum safety

The Naked Skin IPL system is equipped with a unique skin tone sensor to measure your skin tone for safety. It’s easy to use: simply remove the skin tone sensor and place it on your skin. Press the white button and your skin tone level appears. Once a skin tone reading is confirmed, the device will adjust the energy level automatically. The device also has contact bars as an added safety feature.

Convenient and good value 

Cordless devices need to be recharged, possibly multiple times before completing the treatment of large body areas (eg: two full legs) and they cannot be used while they are being charged. With the Naked Skin IPL system you can treat your body without interruption and at a fraction of the cost of professional treatments.

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