Braun LS5560 Silk-épil Legs & Body Rechargeable Ladyshave

a Braun Ladyshave

Achieve an extra close shave with the Braun Silk-épil Legs & Body Ladyshave. Special double-care technology exfoliates the skin as you shave, leaving your skin looking radiant and feeling revitalised and smoother than ever. Available with numerous attachments, this ladyshave makes shaving quick and convenient.

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RRP £45.00 £29.99

Price includes Free UK Delivery

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Key features

  • Floating foil and long hair trimmer system
  • Integrated SoftStrip
  • EasyGlide cushion
  • Rounded shaver head for underarms
  • Smoothing attachment
  • OptiShave attachment for legs
  • Bikini Trimmer attachments (4 mm, 8 mm)
  • Washable
  • Rechargeable and mains
  • 1-hour quick charge
  • 40 minutes running time from full charge
  • Charging Indicator
  • Worldwide automatic voltage adjustment
  • Environmentally friendly cells
  • Cleaning brush
  • Cosmetic soft pouch


Get an extra close shave with the Braun Silk&Soft Lady Shaver. Its smooth rounded gliding head is specially designed for the contours of the female body while the combination of a floating foil and long hair trimmer system guarantees extra close shaving results. You can shave your legs and even sensitive areas like the underarms and bikini line quickly and conveniently. This product comes with numerous attachments to keep your skin feeling soft and smooth such as an exfoliation attachment for smooth skin and a bikini trimmer. Plus the rounded head is perfect for targeting underarms. A versatile shaver that can be used on various body parts, the Silk-épil Lady Shave will leave your skin feeling fresh and hair-free.

Smooth shaving with the LS 5560, as it looks after your skin with special double-care technology that actually exfoliates your skin while you shave. The exfoliation attachment will leave your skin looking radiant and feeling revitalised, fresh, and most importantly, smooth.

The floating foil and trimmer hug the skin to adjust to the body's contours. They adapt to the shaver's movements to stay perfectly in contact with the skin all the time, ensuring a perfectly close shave.

The rounded head is perfect for shaving under arms. The elevated foil and the slightly rounded shape of the long hair trimmer ensures perfect reach even in concave body areas.

The OptiShave attachment ensures an optimal shaving angle for supreme efficiency and comfort, stretching the skin for an even closer reach and lifting problem hairs so they are easy to reach for an extra close shave.

Extended long hair trimmer offers easy trimming and optimal visibility. It is fixable for precise styling and can trim hair to 4 mm gently shaping and trimming your bikini zone.

The LS 5560 Lady Shaver is fully washable for easy and convenient cleaning. It is a cordless device and charges up in one hour to give you 40 minutes’ worth of use. Floating foil and long hair trimmer

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Braun LS5560 Silk-épil Legs & Body Rechargeable Ladyshave Reviews

Braun L5560 Silk-epil

Submitted by Toni on 18 July 2016
4.5 out of 5

Absolutely ideal for me, great little shaved, works quickly and efficiently. Best one I have brought. Thank you

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