Wahl 4294-027 Flex Rechargeable Massager

a Wahl Massager

Relieve tired, aching muscles and reach tight knots with the Wahl Flex Rechargeable Massager. Cordless use adds extra convenience. With over 2 hours cordless use on a single charge, this won’t let you down when you need it most.

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Key features

  • Motor is located in the top part of the unit ensuring maximum power to the massager head whilst minimising vibration to the hand
  • 7 attachments in which deep muscle reaches deep to relieve tired muscles
  • Spot application for applying deep, pinpoint massage action to a targeted area
  • Full-size, rechargeable compact cordless massager
  • Flexible neck that conforms to all body areas for a comfortable massage
  • Includes general body, knuckle and joint, scalp and facial attachments
  • Provides over 2 hours run time


The Wahl Flex Rechargeable Massager offers all the power of a corded unit with the convenience of being cordless and with over 2 hours cordless use on a single charge this unit won't let you down when you need it.

The flexible neck allows the unit to conform to all areas of the body making it easy and comfortable to use. Designed with performance and comfort in mind the motor is located in the head of the unit ensuring maximum massage power is delivered whilst minimising vibrations to the hand.

Comes complete with a wide selection of seven different massager attachments which are easily interchanged - each designed to target a different area of the body or deliver a different massage experience.

Deep Muscle attachment digs deep to reach tight knots and relieve tired, aching muscles.

Muscle Kneading attachment delivers ripple effect action perfect for massaging large muscle areas.

Spot Application attachment lets you dig deep into tissues for pinpoint massage of a targeted, problem area.

General Body attachment provides a soothing, relaxing massage suitable for all over body massage.

Knuckle and Joint attachment is shaped specifically to use around these areas reaching in between joints to the soft tissue - great for knees and elbows.

The Scalp attachment is designed to replicate hair brush pins and delivers a gentle, effective, relaxing scalp massage.

Facial attachment with a smooth surface for a gentle massage of the delicate facial area. Kit includes a soft touch storage pouch for safe keeping of all your attachments.

Kit includes a soft touch storage pouch for safe keeping of all your attachments.

History of Wahl

Wahl invented the first practical hand held vibrator massager for medical applications in 1911 and have 26 massager patents with the first dating back to 1915. Wahl have continued to manufacture innovative massagers through the years offering unique, customised attachments making them suitable for varied applications.

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