Beauty Advice for Your Teenage Self

Written by Advice Team on October 3, 2016

Looking back, we all have a few pieces of advice we would give our teenage self. Whether it’s advice to do with with school or that teenage crush, there are also many beauty disasters we would like to go back and fix!

Always remove your makeup

Layering on makeup before school and running to the toilets to ‘top up’ during break time with your friends was a ritual many of us followed. But did we ever remove it all before we went to bed? Probably not. A face wipe simply won’t do, which is why we wish we could go back and give our teenage self that facial cleanser we swear by today. Having a good skincare regime is important to keep our skin healthy and hydrated.

Stop touching blemishes

Not all of us experienced bad skin growing up, but we wish we were informed that touching spots and trying to remove them would only make the matter worse. Even today as adults we will get the occasional spot pop out of nowhere and many of us will still go to touch it. Why shouldn’t we touch them? Picking at spots can cause more damage than you think, including the likes of scarring. Touching and picking at spots also means you are spreading bacteria, causing your breakout to worsen. Read our top to toe beauty tips for more skincare advice.

Leave your eyebrows alone

Eyebrows have been the ‘holy-grail’ feature for beauty gurus over the years, but we wish we were told not to pluck them when we were younger. Plucking that dreaded monobrow in the middle and little stray hairs around the eyelid is fine, but attempting to re-shape them gets a resounding no! If you feel your brows are out of your control and need to be tamed, seek professional help from a local beauty salon from trained beauticians.

Choose the right shade of foundation

Foundation is available in different shades for a reason. You’re probably no stranger to picking a shade that is either too light or too dark for your skin tone, but it’s still an issue many come across today. When finding the perfect colour match, you should apply colour swatches of your chosen foundation to your jawline to ensure it matches the colour of your neck. You’ll often find your face is paler than the rest of your body, which is why we match it against our neck to ensure it all blends in seamlessly.

How to apply makeup properly

In today’s world, teenagers have instant access to visual step-by-steps on how to apply makeup, but back in our teen years this was not so simple. Were you ever a victim of the Panda Eyes when attempting to perfect winged liner? Or perhaps you wanted that bronzed goddess look, but instead opted for the appearance of a slightly tanned satsuma. Nevertheless, the vast majority of us who ever touched makeup in our teen years can all relate to a makeup disaster of some sort. Luckily for us, we’ve learned from our mistakes!

Makeup has an expiry date too

Who would’ve thought makeup would expire? It’s certainly a fact that not many of us were aware of, but makeup expires in anything between a couple months to less than 2 years of the time it was manufactured. Therefore, if you bought a lovely eyeshadow palette over two years ago then now is the time to depart from it.

Share with us your big beauty mistakes you made when you were younger.